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Celebrating 40 years and 61 Awards
- Global, International, National and State.

Documentary (Feature, TV, Short) - web, training, safety, tourism, corporate - marketing and media - concept and design

30sec TV Spot - Drone Cinematographers, SA
Also visit Drone Cinematographers Australia : www.dronecinematographers.com.au

Above  : "Sharing Culture" - Storyteller Quenten Agius
* Official Selection 2016 London and Italy Drone Film Festival
* Winner Best Doco
U$10k Australian Video Producers National Award
* 2015 SA Screen Awards Documentary Finalist.

Commercial shoot with Drone
  The Crane Industry Council of Australia
Commercial Shoot with Drone
  The Crane Industry Council of Australia

 Winner Best Film
2015 Footprints Eco Film Festival (Sydney)
 Winner Best Indigenous Film
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2015 People of Passion International Fest (Melb)

 National Finalist Best Web video
 Concept Teaser
Situated Doco AR App video

 Winner Best TV Commercial (AVPA)
Winner KESAB Sustainable Communities Award

 Winner Best Induction video
AVPA National Award 
  Winner Best Safety video
    2013 AVPA National Award

 2013-14 Highlights : GMUSG SACOME
   Resource Industry Conference Trade Expo

  Web Video - Mining - Heavy Industry

 Making of videos
  Bushfire Safety

 Tourism Support
  Aboriginal Employment

 Multi-Award Winning Docos
  Not for Profits

 National Associations   Adventure